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The State of the Car Wash Industry in 2018

car wash industry

Did you attend The Car Wash Show 2018 in Vegas? If not, we’ve got the lowdown on what you need to know about the state of the car wash industry. And the news is stellar, Wash Stars, so keep reading! Why all the Excitement? Car wash experts aren’t always the most enthusiastic people out there. But when discussing the state of the industry at April’s event, they used words…

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America’s Truck Driving Shortage

truck driving shortage

Did you know that America currently has a truck driving shortage of 51,000 drivers? As a result, shipping costs in the US have risen dramatically. According to the American Trucking Association (ATA), companies like Amazon and Walmart continue to exacerbate the problem by shipping more and more products across the nation. Read on to learn more about the effects of the trucking shortage in America. Delayed Deliveries and Higher…

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Problem Vehicles & Your Wash

problem vehicles

Forward collision warning. Autobraking. Lane departure warning. Lane departure prevention. Adaptive headlights. Blind spot detection. The list of new vehicle technologies goes on and on. In the past three years, the safety features and convenience of automobiles have improved significantly. But these new amenities aren’t always car wash-friendly. Whether you own a private car wash or provide car washes through your auto dealership, here’s what you need to know…

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Make Your Trucking Fleet’s Brand “Clean”


Think about the top transportation companies in the world. Then, think about the lengths they go to, to keep their trucks shiny and spotless. Take NASCAR, for example. Have you ever seen a dirty NASCAR hauler? Probably not. Why? Because they understand the value of clean. Read on to learn more about promoting your trucking company’s image with well-maintained, professional-looking equipment. What’s Your Company’s Message? You’ve probably thought about…

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West Coast Car Events You Don’t Want to Miss

car events

The days are getting longer and temperatures are rising. Summer’s right around the corner, Wash Stars. But are you ready for some of the coolest car events to hit the West Coast? From collectible vehicle auctions to classic car cruises, read on for the must-see events of 2018. Russo & Steele Car Auctions, June 8-10 Are you as obsessed with shiny vintage vehicles as we are? If so, then…

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Car Wash Lights: Time for LED?

car wash lights

Are you looking to make some upgrades at your wash? Wondering what will give you the most bang for your buck? Consider replacing your wash’s traditional lighting system with new LED lighting options. Updating car wash lights will modernize the look of your facility and can even increase its functionality. Best of all, they come with potential energy and cost savings. But how significant are those savings? And is…

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NASCAR Truck Drivers: The Unsung Heroes of Racing

NASCAR truck drivers

What’s the hardest job in NASCAR? Ask around at a race, and you’ll definitely get a variety of answers. But one that turns up over and over again is driving team hauler. That said, NASCAR truck drivers take a lot of pride in their work. Many love their jobs despite the serious sacrifices that they make to ensure the team’s ready for race day. Read on to learn more…

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Car Wash Signage & Customer Upsell

Car wash signage

When customers visit your car wash, are they enticed by your top package? Or, do they settle for the basic wash every time? If you’re not upselling customers with car wash signage, you’re losing business. Read on for surefire techniques that’ll make your car wash signage work harder for you. The Psychology of Placement As customers drive into your lot, what do they see? The path from the entrance of…

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ISTOBAL Rocks The Car Wash Show 2018

The Car Wash Show 2018

ISTOBAL’s predicting double-digit growth rates following their smashing success at The Car Wash Show 2018 in Las Vegas. To put it simply, they killed it. Read on to find out more about this year’s show and why you need to check out ISTOBAL’s latest innovations. Smashing Success ISTOBAL USA, the American subsidiary of the Spanish group, reports that this year’s tradeshow was one of the most successful in their…

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3 Apps that Streamline Your Workflow

streamline your workplace

There’s more technology at our fingertips than ever before. But that doesn’t guarantee that company communications always go smoothly. Emails get buried. Texts get misunderstood. It happens. Here are 3 apps that’ll streamline your workflow and make your company’s crew more efficient and focused. Basecamp Basecamp is a project-management tool that allows you to keep all of your company projects in one spot. You can organize them by team and…

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