Maximize the Customer Experience & Make Car Wash Sales Soar

Customer Experience

The Customer Experience How well does your car wash appeal to customers? Does your marketing try to “hard-sell” them with over-the-top advertising narrowly focused on products and services? Or does your wash emphasize the customer experience, appealing directly to their feelings and inspiring first-time customers to become loyal fans? Selling the customer experience instead of focusing solely on products and services isn’t a new technique. But it’s a crucial…

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Hotsy Wash Bay Pressure Washer Solutions for Your Commercial Trucking Fleet

Hotsy Wash Bay Pressure Washer System

Is a Hotsy Wash Bay Pressure Washer System right for your commercial trucking fleet? Mud. Filth. Road residue. Do you struggle to keep your commercial trucking fleet clean? Dirt is more than a visual nuisance. Not only do unsightly exteriors deter potential customers, but buildup of filth results in real damage. From heavy soils to slack stains, diesel exhaust to road films, grime and gunk lead to costly, time-consuming…

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Summer Car Care Tips to Get Your Ride Road Trip Ready

summer road trip red - © Mquirk | Dreamstime

What better time to take a family road trip than the summer? Icy roads and snow tires are long gone, and driving conditions generally tend to be optimal. The kids are enjoying a longer break from school, and great weather literally compels you outside. But summer does come with unique concerns from afternoon thunderstorms to sweltering temperatures, road construction to animals darting last-minute across roadways. With the increased mileage…

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Commercial Car Washes & Puget Sound

Commercial Car Washes & Puget Sound

The Puget Sound Car Wash Association (PSCWA) is lobbying for a state retail sales tax exemption for all commercial car washes in Washington. It seeks to promote commercial car washes to the public and could have an important impact on the professional wash industry. It’s also bringing crucial attention to the dangers of residential car washing. Here’s what you need to know… Water quality is the single most important…

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Northern Nevada Pressure Washer Repair & Service

pressure washer repair Nevada

Got Pressure Washer Repair & Service Needs? We’ve Got You Covered… Looking to enhance your company’s cleaning operations? Want to clean faster and more efficiently? Need to maximize productivity while minimizing operation costs? If the answer’s yes, it may be time for a pressure washer repair and service… As the old cliché goes, time is money. And this is especially true for small business owners. From personnel issues to…

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Go Green with an Eco-Friendly Car Wash at Your Dealership

eco-friendly car wash

Celebrating Earth Day brings to mind the preciousness of our planet. What better time to invest in an eco-friendly car wash for your dealership than now? After all, water represents a precious commodity in the arid Western United States. Sure, we’ve had an abnormally wet winter with lots of precipitation and snowfall. But the threat of drought always looms over our region. With drought comes water restrictions. These can seriously…

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Your 5-Step Survival Guide to The Car Wash Show 2017

The Car Wash Show 2017

The Car Wash Show 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada, provides the world’s largest car care trade show, meeting place, and networking event in the United States. This year’s theme centers around helping attendees “redefine how you think about your business.” You’ll also learn more about the latest wash innovations, trends, and future projections for the industry. That said, without a plan of action, The Car Wash Show 2017 can…

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Why You Need a Water Reclaim System

water reclaim system

Today, wash owners deal with a variety of complicated factors—from stricter environmental regulations to more rigorous effluent and sewage control measures—that can get in the way of success. Fortunately, a water reclaim system will not only help you address these challenges, it will increase your profitability and make your business more eco-friendly. A water reclaim system purifies and recycles water. In the process, they remove solid waste disposal including…

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5 Tips for a Kid-Friendly Car Wash

Kid-Friendly Car Wash

Kid-friendly car washes represent a must for parents on the go. Between constant chauffeuring to and from preschool or school, Gymboree, sporting events, music lessons, karate, and numerous afterschool activities, parents’ automobiles take constant beatings. From diaper bags to backpacks, juice boxes to gummy worms and pretzels, families desperately need regular help keeping their vehicles clean. But they may be deterred from visiting your wash as often as they’d like…

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A Bright Future for the Car Wash Industry

car wash industry

The numbers are in, and the future of the car wash industry shows consistent growth and great potential over the next decades… Globally, commercial car wash locations expanded to over 150,000 with noteworthy concentrations in Germany. The key car wash industry driver remains sale of new cars, clearly reflected by spikes of activity in Iceland, Singapore, and the Ukraine according to the International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers (OICA.)…

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