Wash Wise™ Production, Tracking & Control System
Auto Dealer Wash Solutions

Expectation. Performance. Delivery

We understand and deliver the solutions to increase or maintain your CSI each and every time. Our touchless car wash control systems are customized to your needs, increase performance and deliver a variety of touchless car wash bay solutions to meet your needs.

Trucking Wash Solutions

Two-Step Cleaning.

Our Smart Gun, Two-step cleaning system, and pressure washing control systems are customized to your specific needs. Whether handheld, or fully automated, we will save you time and money.

Heavy Equipment Wash Solutions

High Pressure. Low Pressure.

Clean equipment runs more efficiently and spends less time undergoing repairs. Our hot, high-pressure and our high volume, low-pressure washing control systems thoroughly and efficiently free equipment from all debris to keep it working... and working well.

Car Wash Solutions

Complete Car Wash Solutions

We offer complete in-house design services including site evaluation, car wash design as well as architectural, mechanical, structural, electrical, drafting and design services. White Water Solutions and the ISTOBAL USA team stand ready and willing to become your car and vehicle washing partner.

We are Leaner, Cleaner & Greener


Whether you’re looking for wash solutions for an auto dealership, heavy equipment fleet, trucking fleet, or automated car wash, White Water Solutions has your answer. As the West Coast’s leading full-spectrum vehicle cleaning systems provider, we’ll increase your car wash counts, improve your CSI, and pump up your return on investment. Welcome to the future in automobile, fleet, and equipment washing systems.


Featuring the Intelligent Control Wash WiseTM Production, Tracking and Control System, our equipment analyzes and tracks wash output and function. The end result? More efficient washes, higher profit margins, and guaranteed peace of mind.


Designed, installed, and maintained by our skilled team of technicians, our washing systems run more efficiently and effectively. That means smarter, better washes and cleaner, shinier vehicles. Let us make your investment work harder for you.


At White Water Solutions, we care deeply about the environment. Our cuttingedge equipment and biodegradable detergents promote green car cleaning and significantly reduce water consumption. That means a healthier community today and tomorrow.


White Water Solutions provides complete, end-to-end washing systems. From drafting and in-house design to site evaluation, we’ve got your architectural, mechanical, structural, and electrical needs covered. So, you’ll be working with equipment designed specifically to optimize your business success. As an industry authority, we’ll keep you abreast of the latest trends in vehicle and equipment washing systems, provide you with marketing tips, and make sure that you have the tools for a profitable enterprise. Whether you’re looking to optimize CSI, cut the costs of heavy equipment washing, find better solutions for industrial truck cleaning, or invest in an automated car wash, we’ve got your solution. Find out how our superior customer service, industry knowledge, and no-risk guarantee can drive your business forward.

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